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Schwenkfelder’s Articles of Faith

Articles of Faith: Sacraments
  1. The Christian Church is a group of people who believe in Christ in their hearts and souls. Though people may differ in what they know or believe, they are all one in spirit and in brotherly love.​

  2. The kingdom of God is within every person. It is not “heaven,” reached only after death.

  3. The word of God is recorded in the Bible to caution and teach people. The true Word of God, however, is an inner, spiritual word heard only by the soul. It is the Living Christ Himself.

  4. The Gospel of Christ is Christ Himself and the salvation He brings to believers. It is not found only in the bible but also in living a godly life and doing good works.

  5. Faith is heartfelt and of an internal, spiritual nature. Simple believe in the Bible or other external things does not signify faith.

  6. The bread and wine used in the Lord’s supper remains bread and wine, no matter what the words a priest or pastor says over them. The words of Christ referred to the spiritual bread or wine feeding the soul. Only a true Christian can experience the Lord’s Supper in this way.

  7. An internal, spiritual washing away of sin must occur before the external baptism with water. There is no basis in the Scriptures for infant baptism.

  8. Churches and religious icons are only external displays. Believers can achieve righteousness only through and in Christ, not through the ministry of the physical church.

  9. Government has no authority to dictate religious belief. Human constraints or authority cannot bind the mind and spirit. The only Master is Christ.

  10. Persons who find a unity of one mind, one will and one soul in Christ can have true Christian brotherly love, those who achieve this unity care for each other and help one another.

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